Disinformation in Elections

The Project

The research “Disinformation in Elections: Imbalances Accelerated by Technology” [^1] and the White Paper “Systemic Recommendations to Fight Disinformation in Brazilian Elections” are initiatives of the Technology & Equity Institute (T&EI) published in July 2018.

In the research, we sought to explore dimensions regarding fake news and bots - their origins, types, characteristics, behaviors, environments, antidotes, legislation and inspiring initiatives around the world.

The White Paper is one of the main research developments. From the Systemic Map, it shows a model of the System Electoral Propaganda on the Internet in the 2018 Elections in Brazil and change proposals that we call “Systemic Leverage Points”.

The goal of this project is to generate more equitable and fair elections. That they may have, as a central purpose, the information provision to citizens based on legitimate data and content, minimizing disinformation, malicious use of technology and, above all, voter manipulation.

[^1]: The research team is made up of Ellen Aquino, Carlos Júnior, Ariel Kogan, Márcio Vasconcelos and Thiago Rondon.